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About Us - Miraj International LLC
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About us

It's very difficult to tell our story. We don't know where to begin. But let me tell you that my wife and I came to the US to follow our two children who came to study here. We are just retired people but wanted to do some unique work sitting at home, spending our time creating something good, so that our children could take it over after we ...

So, it was a great challenge for us as to what we should do. We kept on thinking and thinking. Once upon a time, I came across an email in which the guy had insisted on us to attend a seminar online where they teach new skills of entering and setting up an e-commerce platform. I had no idea what e-commerce was or how it worked, nor was I an expert in computers or computer science. It was a great challenge for me. But I am very fond of accepting and working with challenges. So I decided to enter into this business. I didn't know where to begin or how to find all the ways to make a great website with awesome products that I could sell. When I was a child, my father had a jewelry shop in India. I had little glimpses of the jewelry business. So I decided to introduce this line on our website along with some other products.  

I started working and learning on this project day and night gathering all the information from webinars, Youtube, online, as well as from various forums and build up our website Miraj International LLC. Miraj is the joint name of me and my wife.  I had no idea whether people would like our website and trust our e-commerce business, as well as also place their initial trial order with us. But my wife used to say that please keep trust in God. God is great. It will help you run this business. So just watch and pray to God. 

We did the same and kept on working very hard and adding the latest and freshest products in fashion on our website for our customers. We are sure, our customers will love these products, go for it, and help us grow this business together. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!