21cm Width Bracelet for Women Men                                                                                
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21cm Width Bracelet for Women Men

  • $27.49 USD

21cm Width Bracelet for Women Men!


This fashion bracelet, linked chain with hidden-safety-clasp, was built for ultimate comfort for Women Men! The Product is gold plated on Copper Metal, no real pure gold.

1pc/opp bag NO GIFT BOX.

For product size or color, please see pictures or product description.


* If allergy exists, stop wearing it. This is a fashion jewelry, not real pure gold.

* Keep this product out of reach of small children.

* Reduce to touch sweat.

* Take off the jewelry while bathing, washing.

* Avoid the mixing with other jewelry or hard things.

* Often clean it.

* For example more sweat or bathing ....etc., will affect the color change.

Orders will be shipped with in 3-5 business days!

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